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We Build Affordable Websites For Small Business


We're Affordic. We Build Websites for Small Businesses and Creative Entrepreneurs.

We're a leader in Website as a Service for WordPress! We help small business owners and creative entrepreneurs succeed online.

Affordic® specializes in designing, developing, hosting, managing, and supporting custom websites for small businesses and professional organizations. We build functional, user-centric websites that are visually stunning and designed not only to attract but also to command attention. Utilizing an industry-recognized subscription model called Website as a Service (WaaS), we remove the technical complexities typically faced by small business owners. Our comprehensive services include domain management, advanced SEO, and customized consulting tailored to Web Solutions Technology.

Our all-in-one approach not only integrates essential web services into a streamlined solution but also lifts the technical burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on growing your business. With Affordic®, you can easily outsource your entire online presence, minimizing effort while maximizing return on investment. We enable small business owners with limited technological expertise to effortlessly succeed online by professionally and efficiently managing their entire web presence.

Our Focus? Delivering Quality, Customized, and Comprehensive Websites as a Service!

Yes, we harness the full potential of WordPress, employing no-code tools like Breakdance builder and Enterprise hosting on Pressidium®. Yet, it's our unique strategy, emphasizing continuous support and content refreshes, that propels the growth and future success, of your business.

Our Approach? Simple Yet Effective!

We understand the digital obstacles in your path. Our commitment is to transform your vision into reality, confront your challenges directly, and craft website solutions that perfectly align with your goals. Affordic is the undisputed best website builder for small business!

Why Us? We Offer a Uniquely Different Perspective!

We use a dynamic mix of imaginative foresight and methodical planning to direct our steps. This powerful combination is what powers our iteration of Website as a Service (WaaS). We include WordPress Web Design and Development, Managed WordPress Hosting, SEO, Content Management, Support and Web Solutions Consulting – all together as a single bundled service.

Our Distinction? It's in our DNA!

Think of us as a unique blend of creative thinkers, oriented toward technology-centric outcomes, all driven by our passion to see you succeed. We love working with small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

Ready To Hire Us? Get Qualified!

We'll Help You Catapult-Launch Your Online Reputation! Leaving Your Competitors in the Dust.