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We're Affordic. We Build Websites for Small Businesses and Creative Entrepreneurs.

Affordic – is a leader in Website as a Service for WordPress!

We help small business owners and creative entrepreneurs succeed online. By combining the various aspects of website management into one streamlined, affordable service, we cater specifically to their needs, making it simpler and more efficient to manage their online presence. We build functional, user-centric websites that are visually stunning and designed not only to attract but also to command attention.

Our team? Think of us as a unique blend of creative thinkers, oriented toward technology-centric outcomes, all driven by our passion to see you succeed. We love working with small business owners and creative entrepreneurs. Take a look around and see if we might be a good fit. We truly are the best website builder for small business!

Our Focus? Delivering Quality, Customized, and Comprehensive Websites as a Service!

Yes, we harness the full potential of WordPress, employing no-code tools like Breakdance builder and Enterprise hosting on Pressidium®. Yet, it's our unique strategy, emphasizing continuous support and content refreshes, that propels the growth and future success, of your business.

Our Approach? Simple Yet Effective!

We understand the digital obstacles in your path. Our commitment is to transform your vision into reality, confront your challenges directly, and craft website solutions that perfectly align with your goals. Affordic is the undisputed best website builder for small business!

Why Us? We Offer a Uniquely Different Perspective!

We use a dynamic mix of imaginative foresight and methodical planning to direct our steps. This powerful combination is what powers our iteration of Website as a Service (WaaS). We include WordPress Web Design and Development, Managed WordPress Hosting, SEO, Content Management, and Support – all together as a single bundled service.

Our Distinction? It's in our DNA!

We enjoy building and creating new tools that help our clients be more successful on the internet. The online world is noisy. Without the right focus, or help. You can get lost. We help prevent our clients from getting lost. Our clients are our focus.

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Website Design Services For WordPress

We'll custom build a WordPress website tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Domain and Hosting Included by Default

Pressidium® Enterprise hosts our WordPress sites. We manage your DNS on Cloudflare.

WordPress SEO Services Finely Tuned

We include tailored WordPress SEO services in every website we build.

AffordiCare Consulting and Support For WP

Built-in support that seamlessly and effortlessly becomes a virtual extension of your team.

AffordiPay Monthly Billing Made Easy

Enjoy the simplicity of a single predictable all-inclusive monthly payment.
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What is Website as a Service?

Website as a Service (WaaS) refers to a subscription-based model where customers pay a recurring fee to get a fully managed, customizable website. WaaS includes website design, development, hosting, maintenance, and updates, allowing our clients to have a professional online presence without the need for in-house technical expertise.

Affordic is a leader in Website as a Service for WordPress. We use our technical skills to elevate your brand, positioning you as a leader in your industry.

With our affordable small business website packages, we'll help you dominate your competition. Affordic is the best website builder for small business!

A Leading Provider of Website as a Service for WordPress

Affordic stands out as a leader in Website as a Service (WaaS) for small businesses and entrepreneurs, thanks to our deep expertise in WordPress and entrepreneurship. Our WaaS solution offers small businesses an affordable, comprehensive web solution that's fully managed and supported by our expert WordPress team, ensuring unmatched value and high-quality design.

Utilizing no-code tools like Breakdance builder, we craft websites that not only highlight our clients as industry leaders but also precisely cater to their unique business needs. This personalized approach guarantees our clients' success, making Affordic the go-to website builder for small businesses.

Given our commitment to quality and personalized service, we carefully manage our project intake to ensure our current clients receive uninterrupted, high-quality service. This may lead to a paid waitlist for new projects, ensuring new clients receive the attention they deserve. Interested in working with us? Book a call to see if you qualify to become a new client.

We Effectively Understand Your Businesss

Before agreeing to take on a project, we personally dedicate time to learn about and research your individual business. This approach helps us grasp your unique needs, enabling us to craft a website that supports your success. Your success is our success.

Virtualized Concierge Support with AffordiCare

With AffordiCare Consulting and Support for WordPress, you're getting built-in support that seamlessly integrates with your team. As a virtual member of your team, we're your go-to for nearly everything WordPress. From handling all technical aspects of your website's support and maintenance to swiftly implementing changes or resolving issues—simply add a card in Basecamp, and consider it done.

Conversate with Real People Not an AI Chatbot

Annoyed by endless AI chatter and automated systems? At Affordic, we deeply value genuine human connections. We prefer to have real conversations with our clients. Our support is neither outsourced nor powered by AI chatbots. If you appreciate developing personal relationships with your business vendors, let's talk!

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We'll Help You Catapult-Launch Your Online Reputation, Leaving Your Competitors in the Dust!