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Begin the qualification journey with a Discovery Call, where we'll spend 15 minutes learning about your business to assess our potential collaboration. If it's a match and you qualify, we'll advance to a detailed Web Solutions Consultation through Affordi-Guide. Remember, the Discovery Call is complimentary.

Discovery Calls serve as an introduction, concentrating on initial sales inquiries rather than in-depth consultations. These calls are brief, aimed at understanding your needs and outlining our services. The comprehensive exploration of web solutions awaits once you've been qualified, marking the distinction between a preliminary discussion and the thorough consultation that follows.

We're Selective With Our Clients

A website is vital to your business's success. At Affordic, the essence of our work isn't just about whom we serve; it's centered on how we engage and build synergy. For effective collaboration, alignment between client goals and our approach is crucial.

We seek partnerships with clients who prioritize technology and aim for a long-term relationship with a solutions provider that grows with them. Our strength lies in working within industries we know well, though we're also open to new challenges, with the decision to engage new clients being carefully considered.

Our selection process is stringent, aimed at identifying projects aligned with our values for a mutually beneficial relationship. Therefore, not everyone may be suitable for our Website as a Service offering, as we prioritize a fit that promises harmonious and successful collaboration.

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Watch our video to see if our approach aligns with your vision. If it does, book a complimentary Discovery Call with us.

We Sometimes Limit New Projects

To maintain the highest quality of service and ensure each client receives the attention they deserve, we often limit the number of new projects we accept. When we reach our capacity, we offer prospective clients to join a paid waitlist.

This strategy guarantees that our existing clients experience no disruption in service and that new clients are given the time and dedication they need. By taking on a limited number of projects, we ensure a harmonious balance between quality service delivery and dedicated client focus.

Our decision to onboard you as a new client is based on our ability to meet your needs and add value to your business.

6-12 Week Delivery Average on New Websites

The timeline for developing a new client website usually ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, though variations may occur based on several factors. The speed at which clients provide essential information is a key determinant in the project's timeframe. Additionally, the complexity of the website and any specific features requested can extend the duration of development.

Efficient progress and a potentially expedited launch are often achievable when clients promptly supply the needed details and materials. Our objective is to work closely with our clients, fostering a streamlined and prompt website development experience.