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The Best SEO Tool for Small Business

With Affordi-Rank, our SEO strategies are tailored uniquely to each client we work with. We'll help you foster a new relationship between your website and Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)—the results you see after entering a search query in Google.

Included with our Website as a Service, we leverage a full-spectrum SEO strategy that covers On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and some aspects of Local SEO. We'll be certain to maximize the usage of structured data, including Rich Snippets and Schema Markup, whenever possible. We'll also conduct some basic keyword research to create the structure and some of the content on your new website. Lastly, we integrate Google Analytics 4 onto most websites, plan dependent. This additional data gives us the visibility we need to help your website maximize additional organic traffic and growth. 

Note that Off-Page SEO is not included as a standard feature of Website as a Service. However, with Affordi-Care and through Design Time, we can collaborate to enhance your website's SEO post-launch, focusing on content optimization for improved search engine performance.

WordPress SEO Services

Affordi-Rank was invented to help us deliver focused Small Business SEO services to our clients using WordPress and some other additional third-party SEO management tools. We're a small SEO agency, and everything we do is customer and WordPress-centric. Thats why we've built our WordPress SEO Services to be all-encompassing.

Our team takes many forms. Think of us as your WordPress SEO Specialist, your WordPress SEO Consultant, and your Small Business SEO advisory all-in-one, at your disposal through Affordi-Care! After site launch, we can provide WordPress SEO Consulting services, upon request.

Most WordPress websites we create are enhanced with a licensed copy of RankMath Pro, a leading WordPress SEO tool that maximizes the SEO Services provided by Affordi-Rank. This tool, coupled with insights from other tools we use, like Semrush, help us to optimize the content on your website. For more details, please see our pricing for small business website packages.

You Need Affordi-Rank

If you don't understand SEO. You need Affordi-Rank! It was designed specifically for small business owners, and entrepreneurs; like you! We'll help your website get noticed by people who are searching for what your businesses has to offer. We'll help you gain a competitive edge against your competitors and especially with Goliath! Affordi-Rank will help drive valuable and free organic traffic to your small business website. This means less ad spend to get your business noticed by the people you're targeting.

With the Best SEO Tools for Small Business at our disposal, Affordic is the culmination of affordable SEO Services for Small Business. So, hire Affordic to manage your website and you'll get Affordi-Rank as an included service that will turbocharge organic traffic for your website.

Why Affordic?

Affordic prioritizes high-quality service and support for our clients. Unlike others, we don’t charge extra for basic SEO services. We include them as a standard feature!

With Affordi-Rank, SEO becomes an integral component of our website creation services. This bundled approach positions us as the optimal choice for small business owners looking for a hands-off, fully managed web solution that effortlessly works.

RankMath Pro

When you hire us, we'll use RankMath Pro on your WordPress website. We use the best SEO tools for small business. 
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Learn How SEO Works

Search engines rely on complex algorithms to determine the ranking of web pages.

Imagine your website is a store on a busy street—SEO is what helps customers find it. Google, acting like a savvy shopper, looks for clear signs: Does this store offer what I need? Is it easy to navigate? This is where the content of your site, filled with the right words—keywords—plays a crucial role. Think of Affordi-Rank as your store's inviting sign and WordPress SEO Services as the map that guides customers directly to you.

With Affordi-Rank, you gain access to the local SEO tools necessary to erect that sign and draw the map, ensuring more visitors find you, stay, and prioritize your business. Local SEO services for WordPress are included in most Website as a Service (WaaS) plans.

Depending on your business needs, we can set up Google Business Profile and Apple Business Connect for you, both integral to our Local SEO services. However, if your business lacks a physical location, it will not qualify for these Local SEO features, as Local SEO is tailored exclusively for businesses with a physical presence, not online-only operations.


SEO Myths & Truths

At Affordic, we confront the SEO Myths vs. Truths head-on. The prevalent myth that instant success in SEO can be achieved through quick fixes is far from reality. The truth is, real success stems from quality content, adaptable strategies, and staying updated with Google's evolving guidelines. A common misconception suggests that immediate results can be attained without personalized support, leading to a misallocation of resources towards ineffective tactics.

In contrast, Affordic’s approach is built around specialized WordPress SEO Services, emphasizing affordability and customized strategies. Our methodology is in strict alignment with Google's latest recommendations, ensuring that our strategies are meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs. Our commitment extends beyond mere advice to a genuine partnership, characterized by transparency and a dedication to achieving measurable SEO improvement.

Choosing Affordic means opting for a straightforward and effective SEO strategy, designed to significantly elevate your online presence. With a focus on integrity and precision, we pledge to be a dedicated partner in your journey to SEO success.


The Importance of Small Business SEO

The internet of today is a battleground where small businesses compete with Goliath for their survival. If prospective clients cannot find your small business, eventually you'll become another slayed victim of the battle.

SEO is your small business's secret weapon. If you're ignoring SEO or you do not understand SEO. You need to wake up! If you're ignoring SEO, your website is invisible to your potential customers, on not only a national scale, but also locally in your own geographic domicile.

Tailored SEO You Need Visibility

The forefront of online visibility, begins at Affordic. We transform your digital presence from invisible to unforgettable. Our specialized SEO services are the beacon your business needs to shine in the vast online expanse. With a strategic blend of technical finesse and content mastery, we not only make you visible but establish your brand as the go-to Subject-Matter Expert in your industry.

Leverage Organic Search For Sustainable Internet Growth

The true power of SEO lies in harnessing organic search to attract customers without the need for paid ads. We optimize your website to be a beacon for search engines and a valuable resource for users. By focusing on creating high-quality, solution-oriented content, we help you tap into the vast potential of organic traffic, driving leads, sales, and sustainable growth.

Solve Problems Your Online Mission

At the core of every business is the mission to solve customers' problems. SEO is the key to making your solutions visible and accessible online. By highlighting your problem-solving capabilities, we ensure your customers find you, not your competitors. Our approach is not just about attracting traffic; it's about providing real value that builds trust, credibility, and loyalty among your audience.

Local SEO Establishing Your Presence Where It Matters Most

Local SEO is about more than just rankings; it's about connecting with your community where they search. By optimizing your site for local keywords and ensuring consistency across directories, we boost your local credibility. Engaging with reviews and social media amplifies your presence, turning local searches into loyal customers.

Build Your Brand's Authority and Trust in a Noisy World

Achieving high rankings on search engines isn't just about being seen; it's about being recognized as a leader in your field. We help you showcase your unique value through quality content that adheres to Google's E-E-A-T criteria, laying the foundation for a robust SEO strategy that elevates your position to the top search results. Our goal is to confidently project your expertise, making your brand synonymous with authority and reliability.

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