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Affordi-Host the Best Website Hosting for Small Business

Affordi-Host enhances your website's performance with managed WordPress hosting, emphasizing speed, security, and reliability. By adopting the Website as a Service model, we ensure your website's hosting solution scales with your business, incorporating Pressidium® Enterprise Architecture for top-tier security and speed, and Cloudflare for client domain registration and DNS management services. Our hosting solution is designed to be worry-free, allowing our small business clients to focus on growing their business while we handle the technical web stuff.

Unmatched Managed WordPress Hosting

We're Affordic, a leading small business website builder, experts in small business website hosting, and the leader in Website as a Service for WordPress. Affordi-Host, our fastest hosting solution for WordPress, employs cutting-edge technology that is simple to use and easy for our clients to learn. By leveraging our experience, creative thinking, skills, and technology, we help your small business establish a voice and an authoritative reputation on the internet, making us the go-to choice for enterprise WordPress hosting.

Our Service-Based Approach

With Affordi-Host and AffordiCare, both core features of Website as a Service by Affordic, our clients enjoy a service-based approach to owning and maintaining a website. Our core Website as a Service features include WordPress website creation and bundled managed WordPress hosting.

High-Quality, Scalable WordPress Hosting

We host your site on Pressidium® Enterprise, a platform synonymous with scalable WordPress hosting, which allows us to free our time from server management and configuration to fully focus on the needs of our clients. From the perspective of our clients, we handle everything, positioning ourselves as the most secure WordPress hosting provider. Learn more about Pressidium®.

A Partnership Setting New Standards

The unique relationship we have created with Pressidium® sets a new quality standard for our clients. It allows us to offer our clients high-quality, scalable WordPress hosting that is guaranteed to surpass their needs and expectations. Our clients enjoy websites that are served by a reliable, load-balanced, high-availability cluster using full fault tolerance to deliver ultra-fast loading times, providing the instant satisfaction your customers crave.

Interested in learning more about Pressidium? Read their white paper on Dispelling The Myths: Examining what your Business News to Succeed with WordPress.

TL;DR: We Handle All Things Technical

Affordic doesn't just build your WordPress website. We host and manage it too! Our premium hosting is enterprise-grade, scalable, load balanced, and highly-available by default.
Pressidium Architecture Graphic
Pressidium Architecture Graphic
High Availability WordPress
Enterprise Managed WordPress Hosting

Key Benefits of Affordi-Host

With Affordi-Host, Affordic revolutionizes managed WordPress hosting, emphasizing a service-first approach for small businesses. This holistic service encompasses everything from enterprise-grade hosting with Pressidium®, full application management, and Affordi-Care concierge support, to automated backups, hack repairs, and bug fixes. We leverage staging sites for seamless website testing and updates, integrate MailPoet for reliable email deliverability, and provide managed Cloudflare domain services for enhanced privacy and speed, ensuring a hassle-free, secure, and fast web presence for our clients.

Pressidium® Enterprise Platform

With Pressidium®, your users enjoy your website without gaps in availability, especially under high load conditions. Our clients enjoy enterprise-grade hosting, security, load balancing, a global content delivery network (CDN), and High-Availability (HA) WordPress.
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Cloudflare Domain and DNS Management

With Pressidium®, your users enjoy your website without gaps in availability, especially under high load conditions. Our clients enjoy enterprise-grade hosting, security, load balancing, a global content delivery network (CDN), and High-Availability (HA) WordPress.
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Full WP Application Management

Acting as a technology concierge, Affordic will manage all WordPress-specific aspects of your web hosting and website. This includes routine maintenance of the WordPress application and administration of the web server, WordPress plugins, domain name registration or management, and more.

Affordi-Care Concierge Support

With AffordiCare, our support staff is standing by to assist you with any technical support or consulting that may be necessary to help our clients be more successful. We'll help with technical issues, design changes, content update requests, and more.

Automated WP Backups

We ensure your website's safety with automated daily backups, enabling quick restoration to the latest version if needed. You also have the option to initiate manual backups anytime via the WordPress Dashboard for added control.

Bug Fixes

Bugs are a natural part of any website; often, they are caused by software updates that change or break something. It may not be immediately obvious. If any bugs arise on your site, let us know, and we'll be here to help you fix them.

Hack Repairs

If your site gets hacked, we will directly collaborate with our Pressidium® support liaison to clean and restore your site. They have a malware scanning system set to perform daily security scans on your website to keep you and your users safe.

Staging Websites

During the initial design of your new website. We'll spin up an isolated environment called "a staging site." The staging site allows us to manipulate a copy of your website in a testing environment, then launch it into a separate, live production environment where your site can be visited by users on the internet. After initial design, this staging site is off. But it will be turned on anytime your website needs more than a small tweak.

WordPress Email Capability by MailPoet

WordPress was never intended to be used as a one-size-fits-all email server. This has caused deliverability issues with emails sent from WordPress. At Affordic, we solve this by using MailPoet Premium, ensuring a 98.5% email deliverability rate. Now, you can easily send marketing and transactional emails right from the WordPress dashboard.
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Global Data Centers
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Always Included

Managed Cloudflare Domain Services

Every website has a unique address, like your house. But instead of a long string of numbers, it has a memorable name like "". That's where the Domain Name System (DNS) comes in. Think of it as the phonebook of the internet, translating these friendly names into the numbers computers understand.

Privacy-Centric Cloudflare DNS

By default, we'll expertly manage your domain name and full DNS zone on Cloudflare's privacy-centric network, renowned for its blazing-fast speeds. Via Cloudflare, our domain management services become a key feature of our Website as a Service (WaaS) offering. With Affordic, navigating the complexities of DNS becomes a thing of the past.

We're dedicated to making your website ownership experience as effortless and efficient as possible, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – growing your business.

Unparalleled Speed Unmatched Security

Cloudflare's network technology not only accelerates your website, reducing load times for visitors, but also enhances security against cyber threats. This speed is crucial for engaging users, maintaining their interest, and improving your site's accessibility and trustworthiness.

Additionally, our WordPress SEO Services capitalize on Cloudflare's fast speeds to boost search engine rankings and enhance online visibility. This streamlined approach ensures quicker user access and a stronger, more visible online presence for your business.

Purchase or Transfer Your Domain

Whether you're aiming to secure the perfect website name or looking to move your existing one, we facilitate the process seamlessly into our agency Cloudflare account. This step is pivotal in harnessing the speed and security Cloudflare is known for.

We Manage Your DNS Zone

Our team takes charge of all the technical intricacies, ensuring your website benefits from Cloudflare's rapid DNS query responses and robust global network. This means your site is always accessible, fast, and secure, thanks to our meticulous management.

Hassle-Free DNS Updates

Forget about the hassle of adjusting settings or making DNS updates yourself. Our team is on standby to implement any changes you need, ensuring your website remains optimized for speed and performance. Just reach out, and consider it done.

Lightning-Fast, Privacy-First DNS

Cloudflare's offers unmatched DNS speed and privacy. It keeps your browsing data safe, never sells it, and accelerates internet access through its global network. We use for a faster, secure, and private experience for our clients.

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