Affordi-Care Website Management Services


All-Inclusive Support for Small Businesses

Affordi-Care offers comprehensive service and support for your website, tackling everything from technical issues to content updates. If you need website design and management services. You need Affordic. Rest assured, we've got your back.

Whether you prefer to be hands-off or hands-on with your website, the choice is yours. Our support services seamlessly integrate with your operations, making our team an extension of yours. As a key feature of Website as a Service, Affordi-Care is tailored for small businesses and busy entrepreneurs, simplifying website management for efficiency and ease.

Content Management Solutions

We offer a unique blend of website management services aimed at keeping clients' websites up-to-date. Our commitment to small business website design and management extends far beyond the initial launch of your site—it continues throughout the duration of our partnership.

Our Affordi-Care service caters to routine website change requests—updates, modifications, text or image changes, copyediting, layout adjustments, design element redesigns, UI/UX enhancements, SEO management or tweaking, plugin configurations, DNS modifications, and more. For these requests, you'll utilize Basecamp, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. The turnaround time for most change requests ranges from 5 to 14 days, depending on your Website as a Service (WaaS) plan.

Total Website Management

Between Affordi-Care and Affordi-Host, we manage all aspects of your website, including hosting and securing it. We provide support for any hosting-related matters or concerns and manage your domain name and DNS zone on Cloudflare.

Ultimately, we manage nearly every aspect of your WordPress website and its hosting, ensuring that every piece of content we add meets the highest standards of experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (Google's E-E-A-T). These are essential for achieving high search engine rankings and building a strong SEO strategy foundation to enhance your online visibility.

WordPress Administrative Access

By default, we do not automatically provide WordPress administrative credentials to every client. Despite taking daily routine backups of your website, there's a risk that an untrained client could inadvertently make changes that negatively affect their site.

Upon request, and after assessing each client's technical skill level, we may grant WordPress administrative access if we're confident in the client's ability to manage it responsibly.

We encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with WordPress. While we often offer administrative access for self-updates, many clients choose not to engage in certain administrative tasks or the ongoing responsibility of updating their site with new content. In these instances, we step in to manage these aspects for them. Our Website Management services are designed to be flexible, allowing us to adapt our support to suit the unique needs and skill levels of each client.

WordPress Support Services

At Affordic, our WordPress monthly maintenance package is not offered as a standalone service; it's exclusively available as part of our bundled services, included with Website as a Service. Clients who choose us for their website management consider us an integral part of their team, akin to a virtual Digital Content Manager for their website.

By default, we serve as your go-to contact for anything WordPress-related. This encompasses technical support, WordPress maintenance, WordPress management, or even general WordPress inquiries. All of these services are encompassed within Affordi-Care, ensuring comprehensive support and management for your WordPress site.

Get a Customized Solution

Rarely does one size fit all. On a case-by-case basis, Affordic may offer and provide additional, unadvertised services aimed at enhancing the client experience. These services will be mutually agreed upon between Affordic and the Client. If you have a hyper-custom request that falls under support or need something not listed on this page, please book a call, and we'll discuss how we may be able to incorporate that offering into Affordi-Care.

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