Custom WordPress Extensions

Limitlessly Extend The Capability of WordPress

Affordic is proud to offer a hand-picked selection of highly proprietary custom extensions that provide specific functionalities to WordPress websites. Our in-house team has developed these extensions to meet the demanding and specific needs of our clients. Unlike publicly available plugins in the WordPress repository, our extensions are exclusive and are not sold as standalone products.

Upon request, each of these extensions can be bundled with any client site built by Affordic for an additional fee. Contact us for more information on any of these custom integrations.

SentryPDF WooCommerce

SentryPDF is a powerful WooCommerce tool designed to protect digital downloads of PDF files, thus preventing intellectual property theft. This is a highly proprietary implementation of Social DRM (sDRM). PDF files are protected in 4 different ways. This solution fully offloads the PHP PDF stamping process to a microservice running on Google Cloud to prevent excessive resource consumption on your WordPress website.
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Google Cloud Video

If you're hosting a LMS website and need an alternative solution to YouTube or Vimeo to host the videos that live inside your online courses, we have a perfect custom integration for you. Our solution allows you to serve video to your users from a Google (GCP) Storage Bucket, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to host large amounts of video. This integration provides a reliable and efficient way to deliver high-quality video content to your students.

WooCommerce Download Tracking Tool

Protecting yourself against fraud and chargebacks is crucial when you sell digital products such as books or downloadable files (i.e. intellectual property sales) in your WooCommerce store. To achieve this, we've build a comprehensive system that allows you to track who has downloaded each file, how many times, from what IP, and more.

Product Gallery

Crafted exclusively for Breakdance, our tailored solution offers a comprehensive product display without the added overhead of e-commerce functionalities. If you don't require a full-blown e-commerce store for your website, but still want to showcase your products in a compelling way, our solution is designed just for you. You can display your products with ease and captivate your audience with stunning product visuals.

Events Calendar

Created specifically for Breakdance, our custom solution allows you to easily display past and upcoming event details on your website. Using specialized programming, the events will automatically move up or down on the list based on whether the completion date has passed. This tailored solution lets you effortlessly showcase your business events and keep your audience informed with the latest information.

Help Scout

We have developed a tailor-made solution that seamlessly integrates HelpScout with WooCommerce stores. Our custom integration is designed to connect the HelpScout Beacon with advanced security authentication and synchronize user data with WooCommerce. This integration ensures that you can easily manage customer support tickets and inquiries directly from HelpScout while maintaining accurate and up-to-date customer data in your WooCommerce store.

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