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Affordi-Guide Web Solutions Consulting

Our passion lies in empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs to elevate their online presence. This commitment takes form in Affordi-Guide, the heart of our service-driven approach via Website as a Service. Affordi-Guide initiates our website consulting services even before the onboarding of new clients, dedicating time to understand your business, thus tailoring our approach to meet your distinct needs and objectives for your website.

Our consulting service is crafted with precision to pinpoint the best solutions tailored to your specific needs. In close partnership with you, we delve into your vision for your new website—how it will serve you and your audience, the emotions it aims to inspire, and the key messages you wish to deliver. This comprehensive approach guarantees an online presence that not only fulfills your expectations but surpasses them, creating a strong bond with your audience.

Start with a Discovery Call

If you're a new client interested in working with Affordic, we begin with our qualification process, which includes a discovery call to assess our compatibility. If we're a match, we'll invite you to a paid consultation, setting the stage for our future partnership.

Discovery calls serve as the preliminary step to consultations. If you're unsure whether Affordic's Website as a Service aligns with your needs, we encourage you to schedule a Discovery Call or reach out to our sales team. This step is crucial for determining if we're the right fit for each other.

Please note, a Discovery Call focuses on sales-related inquiries and is not protected by a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). A Discovery Call is never used as a substitute for the comprehensive consultative discussion that we will have during a consultation.

End with a Comprehensive Web Solution

If you qualify for Affordic and we've had a successful Discovery Call, we'll proceed to a new client consultation, a paid service required for all prospective clients.

If you become a client post-consultation, we'll refund the consultation fee. This approach ensures we're compensated for valuable advice given during the consultation, including potential recommendations for competing vendors or services if they better suit your needs. Our priority is to offer advice that serves your best interests, rather than ours, ensuring our solutions genuinely match your business requirements.

During the consultation, we'll dive into your business needs and develop a strategic plan for your online presence. It's crucial that you come prepared and ready to engage in a detailed discussion. To ensure the privacy of our conversation, we'll ask you to sign an NDA before we start. This step distinguishes consultations from discovery calls, which focus on sales and lack the confidentiality protections of an NDA. Our consultations provide comprehensive strategic guidance under the security of confidentiality agreements.

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Small Business WordPress Consulting

We have extensive experience with small businesses and the WordPress content management system! Making us the leading small business WordPress consultant using Website as a Service!

We leverage our expertise to ensure your website is visually appealing, robust, and flexible, catering specifically to the needs of small businesses. Whether you're launching a new website or migrating to WordPress, Affordi-Guide promises a smooth and efficient transition, underscoring our role in facilitating your online success.

We are Privacy-Centric

As a privacy-centric company, confidentiality is paramount if you choose to work with us. Before your initial discovery call, we'll provide an NDA for electronic signature, ensuring that all consultations are protected under a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. This guarantees the security of your ideas and confidential information. We recognize the need for enhanced privacy for clients with patents, proprietary business processes, or those handling intellectual property, offering an elevated level of protection for your sensitive information.

Your Success Is Our Priority

As a holistic web consulting service, we provide a spectrum of offerings that go beyond mere web design consulting. Our expertise covers web development consulting, website optimization consulting, platform suitability consulting, and comprehensive digital strategy consulting. This all-encompassing approach ensures that every component of your digital presence, from design and development to SEO and user experience, is meticulously optimized for success through dedicated consulting efforts.

Your Endless Guide

Throughout our partnership, we offer a range of consulting services at no additional charge once you're a client. All consulting services are included in our Website as a Service package.

Branding Support

Our branding support is tailored for clients looking to craft a basic brand identity as they move online, crucial for businesses previously operating offline. It's important to emphasize that we are not a branding agency. Nonetheless, we provide specific services to facilitate this digital transition, perfect for businesses without a formal brand style guide.

Through Affordi-Guide, we focus on online branding fundamentals: developing a color palette that reflects your business's character, selecting fonts, and vectorizing logos for web readiness. We also guide you in choosing premium stock images that align with your brand and website's visual theme. While direct graphic design services are beyond our offerings, our aim is to lay down the essential components for a website that effectively showcases your business as a leader in its field.

Initial SEO For New Websites

SEO is integral to our initial site development for new clients. With Affordi-Rank, we apply key SEO strategies—On-Page, Technical, and Local SEO—during the early stages, ensuring your site is set up for success. This phase includes implementing structured data, conducting keyword research, and integrating Google Analytics 4, focusing exclusively on optimizing your site for launch.

While Affordi-Guide’s SEO services conclude post-launch, continued optimization and refinement can be accessed through Affordi-Care.

This program allows for SEO enhancements using a design time bank, which is replenished monthly and can be topped up a la carte, ensuring ongoing SEO support tailored to your needs.

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