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Explore Your Online Future With an Immersive Web Solutions Consultation




At Affordic, we redefine web solutions with a strong emphasis on privacy and precision. Our tailored web solutions consultation caters to prospective clients, offering a specialized session that guides potential partners in evaluating how our services align with their small business or startup.

The value of investing in a paid sales consultation is evident in the unparalleled opportunity it provides – a deep dive into expertise honed through navigating the intricacies of small businesses, coupled with a profound understanding of technology, website development, and design. Guided by our Chief Technology Officer, Nick Schvabenitz, these consultations seamlessly blend professional experience with tech-savvy insight, ensuring a distinctive and enriching experience for our clients.

Affordic’s consultations transcend conventional solutions, providing unbiased recommendations that steer you toward platforms or solutions, even if it involves suggesting a competitor. Your success is the guiding principle of our efforts.

Functioning as a compass, our consultations assist in launching, strengthening, or innovating your online business. The consultation fee underscores our commitment to quality, guaranteeing a thorough exploration of your project’s intricacies and the delivery of actionable insights. To emphasize our dedication to safeguarding your project’s confidentiality, we initiate the process by sharing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Affordic not only understands your digital requirements but also preserves the uniqueness of your ideas through our privacy-centric approach.

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Your Web Solutions Expert

Your Web Solutions Consultation will last for approximately 1-hour. During your session, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with Nick Schvabenitz, Chief Technology Officer at Affordic. With over a decade of development experience in the WordPress ecosystem and more than 15-years of small business entrepreneurship experience, Nick brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He is actively engaged with all prospective new client accounts and can assist in determining whether their business is a good fit for the WordPress ecosystem.

All sessions are booked via a live video conference unless otherwise requested by the prospective client. It's essential for prospective clients to have access to a computer with a webcam and a microphone. Sessions can also be booked by telephone upon request.

Nick Schvabenitz: Co-Founder, CTO at Affordic

Nick Schvabenitz

CTO, Affordic

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Get The Advisement You Need To Get Your Business Venture Online

With a Web Solutions Consultation

We'll Meet Via Video Conference

Our web solutions consultation will take place via a live video conference, involving a combination of a video conversation and potentially a screen-sharing session. Following your consultation booking and before the scheduled time, we'll reach out to you with some basic questions to enhance the preparation for our discussion. If you've already completed a Discovery Call, this step has already been addressed.

Individualized Solutions

In our consultation, we'll invite you to share insights about your business, industry, and current online status. We'll delve into your desired website functions and features, exploring whether Website as a Service by Affordic aligns with your business needs. Budget considerations and your specific goals for the new website will also be discussed. Beyond these crucial aspects, our conversation can extend to cover a wide range of topics, including in-depth technical subjects, tailored to your preferences.

Fully Refundable After Sign-Up

The complete cost of your consultation booking is entirely refundable if, following your consultation, you choose to sign up as a new Website as a Service client on a WaaS subscription plan.

Cancellation Notice

We acknowledge that life can bring unexpected challenges. At Affordic, we embrace adaptability and respect the importance of our time. To facilitate a smooth scheduling process, we kindly ask prospective clients to provide as much advanced notice as possible if they need to reschedule their session. We are more than willing to accommodate rescheduling without imposing a minimum notice requirement. However, in the event of a no-call, no-show for your session, please be aware that no refunds will be issued.

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