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Channeling web dominance with furious skills and relentless small business expertise in our diverse Market Listings.

Hey, incredible peeps! If you're after some serious WordPress and WooCommerce wizardry, look no further – Affordic's got your back. We're diving deep into the world of web design, development, and hosting, spreading our awesomeness across different markets. Check out our ever-evolving Market Listings – they're like a constantly updated treasure map!

Here's the scoop. Affordic is all about teaming up with the underdogs, the movers and shakers making waves in the world. Big corporations? Nah, not our vibe.

Our Market Listings down below? Handpicked by our savvy squad who know their stuff in these markets. Don't see your city? No stress. We thrive on surprises and might just whip up some magic for you. Challenges? Bring 'em on. Here's to making waves and turning dreams into reality!

Your Next Business Website is a Fully-Managed Service

With Website as a Service by Affordic

End-to-End Web Design Services

We'll fully build out a unique website specifically tailored for your business.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We host client sites on the fastest hosting platform on the planet.

Mission Critical Support

We act as an extension of your team and provide full application support.

Affordable Pricing Made Easy

No upfront costs. No deposits. Just simple subscription-based billing.

We Serve The Following Markets

Colorado Springs, CO

Denver, CO

Erie, PA

Johnstown, PA

Ligonier, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Portland, ME

Somerset, PA

Somerset County, PA

PA Laurel Highlands

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Copyright © 2023 Affordic, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2023 Affordic, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.