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Powerful Custom Websites Built with WordPress, Made in Breakdance

With Affordi-Build, we offer custom website creation, leveraging WordPress for design flexibility and scalability. Custom WordPress Web Design and Development Services are included! By using the Website as a Service (WaaS) model, we provide scalable custom WordPress Web Design and Development services to our small business clients.

We build websites that are easy to use, learn, and administer. Using WordPress and No-Code tools like Breakdance Builder, you'll never need another web developer again! Instead of struggling with your website through a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork, choose Affordic and discover why we are leaders in Website as a Service. Paired with Affordi-Care, we offer the best website management services for small business.

We cater to a diverse clientele, primarily entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our projects range from simple websites spanning just a few pages to complex e-commerce sites powered by WooCommerce. Additionally, we're deeply experienced with building Learning Management Systems (LMS) websites using LearnDash and WooCommerce, enabling you to monetize your knowledge.

Affordic does not create adaptive websites; every website we create is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across all devices. With our solid foundation in both UX and UI design, we make it a standard practice to prioritize visually appealing and user-focused interfaces in every website we develop, guaranteeing an intuitive and seamless experience for all clients as a matter of course.

This commitment to responsive design and UI/UX best practices ensures that your website not only looks great but also provides a seamless and intuitive user experience, engaging your audience effectively and supporting your business's online success.

Every Website is a Custom Design

We build our websites on top of the powerful WordPress CMS and Breakdance. The websites we create are designed to be easy for our clients to work with and administer. This means we use a no-code approach to just about everything we design. Affordi-Build allows our clients to make non-destructive content updates and design changes without ever touching a line of code!

Every website we design is as unique as the business it represents. We do not use templated "ready-made" websites. Each site we build is fully customized for each client. We take the time to learn about you and your small business. This consultative approach is truly what sets us apart.

During our onboarding process, we'll collect key information about your business, then use this information to create a website that delivers on your needs.

Your Website will Continuously Evolve

With Affordi-Build and Affordi-Care, we comprehensively manage your online presence beyond just building and launching your small business website. Through Affordi-Care, we handle software updates, daily backups, WordPress hosting, and direct support, ensuring your content stays fresh for Google. Post-launch, clients can request a limited number of content and design changes monthly, governed by "Design Time" allocations in our small business website packages. Exceeding the free allotment allows for the purchase of additional Design Time a-la-carte.

We deliver comprehensive, affordable web design and development solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs, with endless support. As a small business owner, you have enough to manage—leave the website design and development to us, your unseen strength.

Full Website Management

With Affordi-Care, Affordic includes many key management functions for your new website. We'll handle the initial build, hosting, support, and routine content updates on your behalf. We're small business website design pros.

Your Content is Always Up To Date

With Affordi-Care, we can make unlimited content or design changes to your website throughout the month. Once your Design Time runs out, we'll queue requests for the following month. More Design Time can be purchased a la carte.

Enjoy Personalized Attention in Basecamp

When you hire us, we'll use Basecamp for our entire working relationship. There are no call centers, no account numbers, and no annoying AI chatbots. It's just you, your business, and us—a small team of dedicated experts.

To Us... You're Not Just a Number

You're not "customer number 777"; instead, you're Charles Johnson, "Charley." We don't identify our customers by a number. We'll take the time to learn about your business and your unique needs. Then, we'll go to work to help you succeed on the internet.

Limited Copywriting Services Included

Not every small business owner is a content expert. With our guided, consultative approach to website creation, we'll help you put together content for your website that helps you sell your products and services.

Budget Friendly Pricing

With Affordi-Pay, we pack continuous, never-ending value into the services we provide to our small business clients. At other agencies, the services we bundle for our clients are often sold as add-ons and are typically siloed and billed individually.

No Getting Started Fees! Just Sign-Up.

With Affordi-Pay, there are no deposits or setup fees to get started with Affordic! Simply sign up for a new subscription plan, pay for your first month of service, and shortly after, we'll be in touch to begin new client onboarding.
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Affordi-Build is the Best Website Builder for Small Business

Do you have a junky website that makes you look bad in front of your clients? Are you embarrassed because your competitors have better websites than you do? If so, you seriously need to consider hiring Affordic. We're a leading small business website builder, experts in small business website design, and the leader in Website as a Service for WordPress. As specialists in WordPress Web Design and Development, we are the go-to agency for small business website design and management services.

TL;DR: We Do All The Heavy Lifting!

Hire us and we'll build you a custom website built on the powerful WordPress CMS. We'll design your new site with a lightweight cutting-edge easy to learn No-Code visual builder called Breakdance. You'll have the power to made adjustments to your website without ever touching a line of code. We'll set up all the technical stuff so you can dominate your niche on the internet.

Simple No-Code Holistic Solutions

Don't want to code? That's great because you won't have to. We are specialists in No-Code WordPress! At Affordic, we use Breakdance Builder on every website we create. This allows our clients to make design changes and content updates without ever touching a line of code. Our small business websites are all built using SEO best practices too, with Affordi-Rank. We scrutinize every piece of content on your website, ensuring that it establishes experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (Google's E-E-A-T concept). By default, we always bundle vital WordPress SEO Services.

Don't fumble your website, hire Affordic, and we'll make you look better than you've ever looked before. Our approach makes us the undisputed best website builder for small business.

We Make Websites Easy and Affordable

With Affordi-Build, we offer the most affordable WordPress Web Design and Development solutions. We'll help you dominate your niche on the internet. We build websites that turn heads and make statements—websites that convert leads into paying customers, establish your business as an industry expert, and make you money!

When you hire us, you're not just a number on a spreadsheet. We are the best website designer for small businesses.

Book a call to learn how Affordic can elevate your online presence using Website as a Service and Affordi-Build, our holistic affordable small business website design services tailored for WordPress.

Enterprise-Grade Hosting & Security

Your WordPress website will be hosted on Pressidium®, a multi-node, highly available, load-balanced cluster of servers designed to keep your website online and secured, even when others go dark under heavy traffic load.
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Domain Management is Always Included

Need a domain? We'll buy it for you and pay the annual registration fees. Already have one? Transfer to us, and we'll pay for future annual registration fees. We use Cloudflare to manage client domains.
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WordPress CMS

We love WordPress. We've been building websites on the WordPress CMS for more than ten years. Your new website will be built on the open-source WordPress Content Management System (CMS).
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Breakdance Builder

We use Breakdance to design our websites. It's a cutting-edge, lightweight visual builder that facilitates endless possibilities. The best part: it's easy enough for our clients to learn.
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Consultative Support In Basecamp

With Afordi-Guide, we're at your disposal. We can help with basic website questions and strategies, or really just about any question you have involving how your business is represented online.
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SEO Services Included by Default 

SEO is at the center of almost everything we do. With Affordi-Rank, we use a blend of On-Page and Technical SEO techniques to improve the odds of Google's favor. 
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We Include Premium Software Licenses

In most plans, we bundle premium software like Breakdance, Gravity Forms, Termageddon, Mail Poet, and Rank Math Pro.
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We'll Help You Catapult-Launch Your Online Reputation! Leaving Your Competitors in the Dust.