Patti’s Pastries

Industry: Food
Business Type: Bakery
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

About Patti’s Pastries

Patti’s Pastries is an exceptional Pittsburgh-based bakery with over 40 years of experience in crafting delectable gourmet cupcakes. Renowned for their jumbo Lady Locks, irresistible Gourmet Cupcakes, and their iconic pink Cupcake truck, Patti’s Pastries is dedicated to delighting the taste buds of its customers with the highest quality handcrafted baked goods. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service, Patti’s Pastries is the go-to destination for anyone seeking a truly indulgent dessert experience.

Reimagining A New Identity

Patti’s Pastries’ original website was minimalistic, but it lacked the charm and personality of her beloved cupcake truck. With too much white space and barely any content, the site failed to captivate customers and didn’t reflect the bakery’s fun and playful vibe.

That’s why we decided to take Patti’s Pastries under a complete website redesign that revitalized its online presence and brought it up to modern standards. The new design is not only eye-catching and colorful but also fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience no matter where you are.

We focused on creating a visually stunning homepage that showcases the exquisite cupcakes Patti’s Pastries is famous for. Customers can now explore the bakery’s selection of classic, seasonal, and special flavors in a more intuitive and engaging way. Each cupcake now has its own dedicated page, complete with drool-worthy photos and a detailed description of the flavors, making the online browsing experience as delightful as visiting the cupcake truck.

Our mobile-friendly design allows customers to now easily find the next location of their favorite cupcakes on-the-go. Satisfying their sweet tooth cravings with just a few taps on their smartphone. With the new website, Patti’s Pastries is poised to continue its delicious legacy and offer customers a taste of happiness with every bite.

Featured Core Technology

The core technologies used on the Patti’s Pastries website were adopted because they empower the company to easily make changes to the site’s content without major design modifications. The entire site was developed with fully custom-designed templated layouts interwoven with dynamic data, a “No-Code Approach.” Patti’s Pastries can now easily make content changes, additions, or removals without ever touching any visual design elements or a single line of code. With just a few clicks of a button, the company can effortlessly control the information presented on its website. For example, cupcakes and food truck events can be added, removed, or changed easily via the GUI back-end administration area of the CMS. For more complex tasks that require code changes or tasks that Patti’s Pastries is uncomfortable with executing themselves, they rely on the support backbone at Affordic. The Affordic team actively manages and maintains the Patti’s Pastries website 24/7 in their dedicated hosting environment.

Patti’s Pastries can also effortlessly create and send marketing emails to users directly from the administration area of their website. This integration requires no external websites and is fully built into the core of the website’s administration area. The company can easily create beautiful marketing emails using the built-in GUI builder. Both marketing emails and transactional emails are sent from a reputable email server that guarantees 98.5% deliverability. Now Patti’s Pastries can be confident that every person who signs up to be notified about the location of the Cupcake Truck actually receives those emails!

* Technology and software bundled with client sites is "premium" and is individually licensed through an agency agreement maintained by Affordic, Ltd.

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