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Design Time Facilitates Perpetual Content Evolution On Your Website


Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of managing your WordPress website? Unsure about making those crucial content or design changes? If you’re an Affordic client and find yourself out of your monthly Design Time allowance, don’t stress – solutions are at hand! Enter Design Time a-la-carte, your ticket to a hassle-free experience, billed conveniently in hourly blocks (1-hour).

Reserved exclusively for our Website as a Service (WaaS) clients who’d rather not deal with the intricacies of content or design adjustments on their WordPress site, Design Time becomes your ally. Instead of diving into the details, our WaaS clients opt to let Affordic take charge, using Design Time to execute the changes they need. Most WaaS plans come with a set amount of design time, ensuring your website stays fresh and updated.

Whether it’s processing design tweaks, content additions, removals, or any other content modifications, Affordic has you covered – as long as you haven’t exhausted your monthly Design Time. If you do find yourself running low, don’t worry. Your request can be queued for the next month when your Design Time is replenished, or you can choose to top up with additional design time in convenient 1-hour blocks. Your website, your terms!

$150.00 Per Hour
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Total Convenience

Don't fret about content or design changes on your website. At Affordic, we do it all in the spirit of keeping your website always fresh and up-to-date. Need something added or removed? Send us a request in Basecamp, and consider it done!

Buy What You Need

Design Time at Affordic is designed for maximum flexibility. Purchased a-la-carte, it doesn't expire, offering a seamless and lasting solution for your website needs. If you need it, it's ready when you are.

Queue Requests

If your design time has been depleted, and you opt not to make an immediate purchase, you can conveniently queue your requests in Basecamp. We'll address those requests once your design time bank has been replenished, ensuring a seamless continuation of service.

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