Development Time

Development Time Facilitates Custom Integrations On Your Website


Development Time serves two specific scenarios:

  1. A client needs a particular feature, integration, or extension built to achieve a desired result not achievable through an existing plugin. This custom-built solution is tailored to the client’s unique requirements.
  2. A client has a custom-developed existing plugin providing specific results for their website, and modifications or repairs to the existing plugin code are necessary.
  3. An error on a client’s WordPress site, caused by a plugin compatibility issue, falls beyond the scope of the support Affordic provides.

We understand that clients often have specific feature or functionality requirements for their websites, necessitating custom development or “coding” to achieve the desired outcome. While Affordic’s Website as a Service (WaaS) plans don’t include “custom development,” we are fully equipped to provide it if needed for a specific use case.

For existing clients facing website issues requiring development or “coding work,” Development Time can cover such tasks. Custom coding, extending your website’s functions beyond Affordic’s WaaS plans, is billed hourly and always considered “beyond the scope” of standard services.

We offer custom development conveniently billed in hourly blocks (1-hour). Depending on the project’s scope, a retainer may be required. Custom development is treated as a separate engagement, involving a distinct contract and agreement before the initiation of any new projects.

$250.00 Per Hour
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Development Time Details

New Custom Work

Development Time can be utilized to integrate new features into your WordPress website. However, it's important to note that we limit the amount of custom work we undertake, as it isn't a core service provided to our clients. Each custom request will be evaluated by our team on a case-by-case basis.

Existing Custom Work

Development Time can also be utilized to extend or enhance custom plugins already in use on your WordPress website. Requests for modifications to existing work are thoroughly evaluated before we agree to undertake the task. Each custom request is assessed by our team on a case-by-case basis.

Bug Fix Requests

If your WordPress website is experiencing PHP errors due to a plugin, we can assist with this. However, repairs to code caused by bugs in third-party plugins not developed by Affordic incur a charge for this service. This would fall under Development Time.

Billed Hourly

All Development Time is billed on an hourly basis in 1-hour blocks. If custom work is desired, Affordic will provide an estimate of the time required to fulfill your custom requirements. However, please note that the quote is subject to change.

Retainer Requirement

If your custom work involves building a plugin or a complex integration, we may require you to purchase a minimum quantity of Development Time hours, often referred to as a "retainer." This serves as the initial funding for larger projects.


Development Time is not allocated for everyday technical issues that a client may encounter on their website. Such issues are covered by Affordic's service plan. Development Time is exclusively reserved for custom work.

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