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Welcome to Private WordPress Training with Affordic! Recognizing that not every client has the time or inclination to manage content changes on their small business website, we understand the value of empowering those who do. If you’re a client eager to take the reins and learn, our Private WordPress Training is tailored just for you. This exclusive training opportunity is extended to all clients subscribed to our Website as a Service plan.

Delve into the intricacies of WordPress, Breakdance Builder, MailPoet, SEO, and the unique integrations or developments implemented on your website during our personalized training sessions. Whether you prefer a basic overview or a deep dive into complex features, our sessions are customized to match your desired level of technical proficiency. We prioritize your individual technical abilities, ensuring that each session equips you with the knowledge and skills to be self-sufficient.

Tailored to your preferences and ambitions, our training covers a spectrum of topics, including WordPress Essentials, Breakdance Builder Mastery, MailPoet Insights, SEO Deep Dive, and other Custom Extensions or Third-Party Integrations. At Affordic, we’re not just providing training; we’re opening doors to your website’s full potential. If you’re ready to begin learning WordPress, book a session today.

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More Details

Enrollment in Private WordPress Training is exclusively available to Website as a Service (WaaS) clients; we do not extend this offering to non-WaaS clients.

Training Experience

To guarantee a smooth training experience, it's essential to schedule sessions several days ahead. We are unable to accommodate last-minute bookings. Training availability is strictly based on the dates indicated on the calendar below. If a date does not appear available, it means that time slot cannot be booked. Each session will be conducted via a video conference, featuring screen sharing functionality. To participate effectively, clients are required to have a computer with internet connectivity, a webcam, and a microphone.

Cancellation Notice

We acknowledge that life can bring unexpected challenges. At Affordic, we embrace adaptability and respect the importance of our time. To facilitate a smooth scheduling process, we kindly ask prospective clients to provide as much advanced notice as possible if they need to reschedule their session. We are more than willing to accommodate rescheduling without imposing a minimum notice requirement. However, in the event of a no-call, no-show for your session, please be aware that no refunds will be issued.

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With Private WordPress Training

Live Video Conference

Training is delivered to our clients through a web video conference, creating an interactive screen-sharing experience. In these sessions, the instructor demonstrates a task to the student, who then performs the task while the instructor observes, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

1:1 Personalized Training

Training is consistently tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, taking into account their abilities and skill levels. Additionally, we emphasize specific knowledge areas based on the student's preferences and learning goals.

Master Your Website

Training sessions are meticulously crafted to empower our clients, instilling the confidence to independently make content changes to their websites. This transformative training not only equips clients with the necessary skills but also unlocks their ability to navigate and manage their websites autonomously.

Unlock Advanced Website Administration

For clients who haven't participated in training, advanced levels of access or administration for their websites are restricted. To gain permission for elevated administration, it is essential to have received training from Affordic in some form. This prerequisite ensures that clients are well-versed and equipped to handle advanced website administration tasks.

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